Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cookie Dough Dip

Ole Ole it's Dip Day!!  Well, that is what I am calling it anyway.  This week at work we decided to kick off  the FIFA World Cup with a potluck celebration.  I'll be honest, I know nothing about soccer.  I don't even know what FIFA stands for---but I'm all in when it comes to pot lucks!   Just for fun the potluck festivities included a "bring your best dip" show down hence my name, "Dip Day".

As usual there were tons of  yummy treats to sample.  I nibbled my way through fresh salsa and guacamole, spicy chicken buffalo dips, hummus, cheese balls and tres leche cake.  Oh my!

I decided to make a cookie dough dip served with fresh fruit and chocolate graham crackers.  I do love my cookie dough, you know.  As I gazed across the Dip Table I noticed my dip was the only sweet one in a savory sea.  It seemed it was being overlooked as the first wave of tasters filled their plates with all that spicy goodness.  I was totally surprised when I later returned to the table to see my dip bowl demolished!  Woohoo! 

Anyway, later in the day as we all sat in a collective food coma the Dip Day votes were tallied and guess what?  Yep, Cookie Dough Dip rules!!!!  I was awarded a trophy and Fantasia Gardens mini golf tickets.  So, I can officially dub this my Award Winning Cookie Dough Dip....and Bellman approved :)

Yield: 4 Cups
8oz    cream cheese, at room temp
1        stick butter, at room temp
1C      confectioner’s sugar
2TBL brown sugar
2tsp    vanilla
1C      mini chocolate chips
¾ C    Heath toffee bits (I used the plain ones not covered in chocolate)
1.       Combine cream cheese and butter.
2.       Add confectioner’s sugar, brown sugar and vanilla.
3.       Beat until smooth and creamy.
4.       Fold in chocolate chips and toffee bits.
5.       Serve with fruit, chocolate graham crackers, pretzel rods, etc.