About Me

Hello, my name is Tawn and I am a foodie who loves to bake!

I'm a small town girl from a small family.  Growing up my mom pretty much avoided the kitchen (still does) so my childhood did not include a lot of baking, cooking or big family meals. I'm not sure why I love these things so much today, but I do!  Even though I was strongly encouraged by friends and family to begin this blog, I was hesitant about starting it since I do not have all those enchanting childhood baking stories to back up the food like I read about on other sites.  Hopefully my ordinary everyday antics and musings will be entertainment enough here.

My husband, John (aka The Bellman) and I live in sunny Orlando. The Bellman, a self described Renaissance man is my biggest supporter and official taste tester.  We live with our three fur babies, Elvis, Fergie and JoJo.  If you follow me on instagram you'll see an embarrassing amount of pics posted of each of them!
This is my food exploration journey.  Nothing too fancy, but always tasty!

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